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There are considerable variations in Jatropha performance and production figures from country to country. Although Jatropha grows in harsh conditions it doesn't necessarily mean that yields will be commercially viable. Like with any crop Jatropha still requires quality planting material, standard farming practices and good crop management. 

The oil content of seed may vary between 34 - 37%. Some expellers extract more oil from seed than others and then there's chemical extraction that, although costly, will improve extraction rates considerably.

Jatropha is location specific and production figures are determined by proper agricultural and business practices. It is therefore unwise to interpolate figures from one particular location to another without doing your own research and calculations based on location specific data.

The following Templates are based entirely upon the seed yield of each tree. The number of kilograms produced by one tree is a pivotal aspect of calculating the yield of the entire plantation. All calculations and figures derived are therefore based on this major premise. The Spreadsheet may be used in your Business Plan.

Interactive Farming & Oil Extraction Spreadsheet. This table automatically prepares another spreadsheet with oil extraction figures as you provide farming figures:

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                      Jatropha Seeds for Biodiesel Plantation:

Seed Benchmarks          

 Class 1 High Yielding Elite Jatropha Curcas L Seeds.   



Characteristics of Ideal mother plant as Identified


Seed germination



Shelf Life of seed

Up to one year


Seed weight

About 1600-1650 seeds per kg


No. of seeds in a fruit

Three seeds


Oil content



No. of Branches per Tree

>15  Branches per Tree


Physical / genetic Purity (Min)

90%/80% Purity in next generations.



Five lobed


Resistant to Pest and Diseases



Drought Resistant

Grow in between 400 to 1200mm



Adoptability to any soil and climatic conditions


Low gestation period

From Second year


Response to cultural practices

Good response


High Yielding

5-12mt from non-irrigated to irrigated

        15. GE Free Yes


Germination Instructions Included with package
Storage & Handling:  Store in well ventilated place at room temperature. Keep away from direct sunlight or heat source.

1 kg Trial Package  - includes postage & packaging:

US $42 delivery within South Africa

1 kg  Trial Package - includes  postage & packaging:

US $68 delivery to other Countries


     High Yielding Seed from the North West Province of South Africa


The prolific nature, growth and form of the identified trees and seed will provide excellent genetic and plantation material.

1 kg Trial Package  - includes postage & packaging:  

 US $39 delivery within South Africa

1 kg Trial Package  - includes postage & packaging:

 US $62 delivery to other Countries


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