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TOP Jatropha Strategist Shares Startling Revelation! Returns from Jatropha Seedcake & Biomass can EXCEED returns from sale of Jatropha Oil

Drs. William Ludwig Nolten uncovers potential of Jatropha Seedcake & Biomass for boosting returns in a successful Jatropha project.

“Utilization Technology of Jatropha Seedcake and Residues” is an insightful video presentation featuring Drs. William Ludwig Nolten, Asia Director of Waterland Group, and one of the world’s most cutting-edge Jatropha researchers. The presentation, made at the JatrophaWorld Asia 2009 conference, was one of the highest rated in terms of usefulness and relevance.

Drs.  Nolten thoroughly debunks the idea that jatropha seedcake and biomass residues are waste substances. According to Drs. Nolten, jatropha PPO represents only 14% of the jatropha fruit. The other 86% are biomass, consisting of fruit shell (30%), seed husk (26%) and kernel (30%). The utilization of these resources provides additional revenuesand carbon credits for a jatropha project. 

Watch the Video Here

Mozambique plans jatropha biofuel strategy

5 Mar 2009 ... Mozambique has drafted a strategy for the production of biofuels from the drought-resistant jatropha crop, which contains up to 40% oil, 2009-03-05 -69k - Cached - Similar pages

Global Carbon Exchange - GCX to advise Jatropha plantation projects

GCX News Archive. Nando's - Hot Chicks Go Green!, Thursday, 12 February 2009 ... Simulation Maps South Africa's Climate Future, Wednesday, 04 March 2009 ... Saturday, 21 February 2009 · Latest news from the Clean Development Mechanism, ... The Jatropha curcas plant is emerging as a new source of a high quality ... - 29k - Cached - Similar pages

Jatropha Oil News - The Bioenergy Site

Articles 1-20 in Latest News. Wednesday, March 11, 2009. View news from Mexico Jatropha Shrub Fuels ... Negros Occidental to Supply Jatropha to South Korea ... - 39k -
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Jatropha curcas news

Jatropha news from Zambia. After an internal evaluation the knowledge about Jatropha in Southern ... Jatropha in South Africa - Participation at WSSD 2002 ... - 13k -
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