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There are extensive studies that have already been carried out on Jatropha, contrary to claims of insufficient information about water consumption and the likes. This theoretical lack of information has left the progress of Jatropha in limbo and the only way forward is to publish some of this valuable research which unfortunately is not freely available because of copyright. 

The Jatropha Organisation of South Africa is not funded by the Government and receives no forms of financial assistance.

If you feel this site was useful to you or that our work is something you’d like to promote, we ask you to please make a donation that will enable us to fund our literature, research and development of Jatropha in Africa and other parts of the world where Jatropha will contribute to socio economic upliftment of  destitute people living in rural Africa.  

Thanking you

The Jatropha Organisation of South Africa                                                     





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